How many PBN Links are needed to Rank?


Feb 19
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The importance of using backlinks to your websites

Links play a crucial role in ranking websites. Almost all serious SEO companies base their success on finding a strategy to build links to their websites. Some still use all kinds of automated software to do that, such as GSA SER, RankerX or even SEnuke and many have adopted the new and safer way of building quality PBNs. The way the aforementioned SEO software work is they find websites using a certain CMS(such as forums, blogs i.e. wordpress etc..) by using so-called footprints on google. Then they try to register and post a comment, article, post or whatever field is available to fill and publish a link publicly on that website. Now, most authority websites are well protected from automated bots. It is almost impossible to post a quality backlink using a software on a decent website these days. To compensate for the low quality links, you’d have to build thousands in order to achieve the same effect as only a handful from authority sites. The power of those automatically build links also starts to decay very quickly after you’ve build them. If you were able to build them with your precious software, chances are most of the owners of the same software will post a link there too. We’ve seen many sites that had forgotten to close their comment section and left it open, or forums that were left unmoderated, they don’t end well. Google penalizes such sites in a blink of an eye nowadays and trust me you don’t want a backlink from a penalized site, let alone thousands of them.. Fewer links coming from authority sites that google loves and treats with special care are far better better than loads of spammed, neglected websites linking to you.



Build links with a momentum

We already established that building way too many links to our website can lead to trouble. Hence, we need to monitor and have total control over the link building process. Building links to our websites with a velocity will signal to search engines that it is growing in popularity or trending. The beauty of using a Private Blog Network is that you have total control of the timing of your backlinks.


How to measure the power of a backlink

There are many factors that determine the quality of a given backlink. For example:

  1. Backlink profile of the domain that is linking to you
  2. Age of the website that is linking to you
  3. Backlink placement (a backlink in a relevant article far outweighs a backlink placed in a sidebar or footer)
  4. Coming from a Homepage or Page
  5. The number of outbound links of the website linking to you
  6. Topic relevancy

And many more. So the only way to tell how much a backlink is worth is by measuring how much will it increase your rankings. But you still cannot accurately measure this, because of two things. First of all no two websites are identical. Even if they are competing in the same niche for the same keywords and are both indexed on the same date, Google won’t give them the same amount of love. We can’t tell for sure why, but it’s just the way it is. So the same link won’t be worth equally to them. And second, relevancy. A nice homepage contextual backlink from a high quality blog about Real Estate may give much worth to a company website about Real Estate, but the same type of homepage contextual link from a gaming blog may not have the same effect even if the gaming blog has higher domain authority. Which brings us to the main point of this post..

How many PBN links are needed to rank?

As I already told you, it is not easy to get quality links to our websites. And, answering this question is also somewhat difficult. This is because; we’re using different domains, dissimilar keywords, and different niches. So, it is quite difficult to get a precise measure of how many PBN links are needed to rank. A website with lower competition may rank with only 10-15 PBN links. But a site with bad on-page SEO in a tougher niche may not rank with 100 PBN links. The good thing is that PBN links act faster which means you can see the effect much sooner in like a week or two the most. So after you build your first 5 links, you’ll have some orientation of how many more you may need in order to hit first spot. In most cases though, the reward will be highly worth it after you reach first page, so just focus about your end goal.

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