PrivateBlog.Network started as a project by a European marketing agency. We’re a small team of experienced marketers with the ability to scale fast and efficiently. Our experience with SEO predates 2007, the year when Scrapebox was the dominating SEO tool. We’ve used all kinds of tactics through the years with large success until they stopped working so well.

Since then we’ve learned a lot. Around 2014 we’ve built our first French PBN for private usage. It all worked so well as we were dominating some hard to beat French niches thanks to some in-house solutions. So’ve decided to purse the art that is PBN further.

We started investing heavily into our serious PBN ever since 2016, again with the intention to rank our own affiliate sites higher. However, thanks to our well developed in-house tools and intelligence, we managed to build a fairly large PBN. Our efficiency and persistence allowed us to grow our PBN much faster than we need for ourselves.

This is why in 2018 we decided that it is not fair to keep all these powerful domains with strong backlink profiles only to ourselves. Now YOU have the unique opportunity to use our premium PBN links for your own websites and increase your rankings! Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!