How to build a safe PBN?


Feb 28

Most of the online marketers are concentrating on improving the visibility of their website or web page in the Google search engine. In order to that, one must to do Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. Do you know SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization which means optimizing the website in order to improve the visibility of the web pages in Google’s search engine. If you optimize your website, so people can easily find it via search engines like Google.

We all know that it is important to build links to our websites so only we can increase the visibility of our web page.  How can we build links for our websites? This is the major question that most of the online marketers are asking nowadays. If we build more links to our website, then Google will penalize to us. So, it is important to know the links count.

Alright! This post describes everything you need to know about private blog networks, how to build and a safe PBN and SEO in a detailed manner.

Private Blog networks:

A private blog network or PBN is a set of authoritative websites which is widely used for building links for the money-making websites. Normally, these kinds of networks are commonly owned by an individual or the website owner. As I said before, building quality links to our website is quite important for ranking our websites higher in the search engines like Google.

After reading this section, definitely, you’ll have a doubt regarding money-making websites. A money-making website is otherwise called as client website and it is a website which allows an individual to make money.

Private Blog networks are very powerful and also it is quite exciting to use this for building links to our websites.

Sometimes, setting up the PBN is not easy for both the novice and experienced online marketer. The PBN has both advantages and disadvantages in it. Have you ever wondered about the working of PBNs? The Private Blog network will really work and at the same time, it is quite important to build a safe and appropriate PBN. If you are not building a safe PBN, then you’re going to be penalized by Google.

What is the need for creating private blog network?

Why do I need to create a PBN? What is the use of creating the Private Blog networks? Most of the online businesses are looking to improve their visibility in the search engines. In order to rank in the search engines like Google, we need to build authoritative websites and at the same time, the website that we build is quite unique. Building links to our website will help to rank higher in the Google search engine. In order to build links, we can use the Private Blog networks. But, before that, you need to know the basic information about PBNs and the way to run the PBN in an efficient manner.

The following tips will guide you to know how to run the Private Blog network.

  1. Do not interlink websites.
  2. It is best to interlink the articles present in your website. You can also automate this process by means of Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, you can also use plug-ins to automate this task.
  3. It is good to write articles with subheadings and lists.
  4. Make sure whether the PBN is consisting of articles of various lengths. It is best to have posts of varying lengths which include 300, 500, and 600 words.
  5. Check whether your posts include media such as images and videos.
  6. Post only high-quality and unique articles.
  7. Ensure that your website contains a limited number of posts. It is quite important to post a single post on every day.
  8. It is best to avoid posting spun articles. This is because spun articles will not help you to rank higher in the search engine like Google.

How to build safe private blog networks?

Building a safe private blog network is not easy at all. Here are some of the 4 effective ways which help you to build a safe PBN.

  1. Webmaster:

You need to take care of using the webmaster and analytics accounts. If your blog network is registered under the same name, then the Google will easily find you. Consequently, it is best to avoid using the tracing code so the search engines like Google will not easily find you. In case, if you like to install the webmaster accounts, then it is best to use diverse accounts for various kinds of blogs.

  1. Hosting matters:

Hosting your website is also important to consider while building PBNs. It is not good to host all your websites under the same. If you do like this, Google will definitely penalize you. Hence, it is great to use different hosting for various blogs.

  1. Domain names:

In order to achieve success in building quality websites, it is important to build a quality domain and make sure that the domain comes with the quality backlinks. Domain privacy is important while choosing the domain names.

  1. Unique and quality contents:

Content plays a major role in almost all of the money-making websites. If a website contains quality contents, then it will rank higher in the search engines like Google. Try to post the high-quality and unique content in your websites so only you can easily increase the visibility of your website. In addition to this, it is also best to avoid the use of the article spinning service. If you do like this, your website will get rank in the Google.


Building the most effective private blog networks for SEO is not easy. If a person builds a wide range of links to a fresh website, then they will acquire a trouble. Hence, it is best to pick the slower option while you’re not sure about the link building speed. If you build a successful network, you can use the private blog networks as long as you need it.

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