What Is PBN in SEO?


Feb 17
what is pbn in seo


Ranking higher in Google is quite important for online businesses. It’s not only for getting targeted traffic and more customers that convert, but it’s also about prestige for big brands. Even with the big boom of social networks, such as Facebook for the past decade, Google is still sending the most organic traffic to most news publisher websites. Both small and large businesses know how important it is to rank higher in the search results. But SEO is a huge subject and most webmasters struggle with even the basics. As a sole business owner you can do quite a bit on optimizing your website for SEO such as optimizing titles, headings, your website load speed, or in one word OnPage SEO optimization. Of course, the alternative is to hire an SEO company to do the job. If you’re an enthusiast and have some spare time on your hands, then you can finds hundreds of tutorials on On-age optimization. It’s a pretty large subject, but there is plenty of info out there.

The hard part even for SEO professionals is the Off-Page SEO. It means you need to do some work outside of your website i.e. out of your control. Basically you need quality backlinks from high authority websites preferably related to your niche. This can be done in a number of ways, from automated posting to low quality sites by using a software(usually low quality backlinks, but cheaper) to guest posting(getting backlinks from actual websites, but is a daunting task and costs a lot). Even if you’re new to SEO, you must have come across the term PBN. It’s currently the most affordable way to get high quality backlinks from authority sites without the hassle. However, for a beginner, PBN can be somewhat complicated and a bit confusing to set up. You have to be cautious while using a PBN linking strategy because as much it brings success, it can bring failure too.

Before getting deeper into the topic, let us first understand what exactly PBN is.

What Is PBN?

A private blog network or PBN is a group of websites or blogs based on powerful domains that are owned and controlled by either you or another individual. These expired domains give links to each other, whereas all the sites in a person’s PBN link to the main money site. You have to link these websites to your money site in such a manner that it looks as genuine and natural sites as possible.

The PBN linking strategy is all about building links within the network, so it can help improve one’s ranking on Google. It is possible to have a blog network that consists mainly of free blogs such as WordPress and Tumblr. However, usually, the free blog domains don’t possess as much power as self-hosted blog domains.

How PBN Works in SEO

You can set up your PBN network by following these simple steps.

Choose Your Domains

The first thing you will need to do is to purchase an expired domain. The reason behind picking an expired domain is to get more power. As these domains are already built, you can pass all their authoritative juice to your money website.

To choose the right domain, you will need to purchase it from a site that can help you narrow down your search result. A free example is expireddomains.net.

Find the Results

In this website, you can find millions of expired domains. To get the right one, you will need to filter the results as much as possible. After that, you can pick a domain that has a good number of backlinks (BL) (not necessarily the highest) coming from a variety of different domains (DP). Moreover, if the domain is old, then it’s a good pick too. After finding one (or a few) sites, analyze your results.

Analyze the Results

For the examining process, you will need to open a research site such as moz.com/research and enter the URL of the website that you’ve picked. Remember that you need to enter the complete site including the “www” part or else the site will show a different result.

Now check the domain authority, page authority, and domains pointing to the site. If the numbers are good such as more than 25 DA, 35 PA, and more than 50 domains pointing to the website, then it’s great and you can carry on the procedure.

After that, you’ll need to ensure that no spam links are directing to this site and there is anchor text diversity. For this, you can open a free account on Majestic SEO or similar other websites. Once you enter the site, it will show a complete analysis of your expired domain. If the anchor text is more than 60% and the results don’t look too spammy, then it’s the right choice for you.

Even if the site doesn’t look too spammy, check each link that is listed on the left-hand side as you don’t want any shady or gambling-related backlinks.

Now, you should visit domaintools.com to check the history of your expired domain. This is so because you shouldn’t select a domain that has been dropped more than two times.

The last step is to ensure that Google has still indexed your chosen site. For this, open google.com and write ‘site:domainname.com’ in the search bar. If the search doesn’t provide any result even though the site has been expired in the last twenty-four hours, then it’s not a good thing as trying to re-index a particular website can be a difficult task.

Then, you’ll need to drop this domain, pick another one, and repeat the entire process. However, if the site is indexed by Google, then it’s the perfect expired domain for you.

Register the Domain

Now you can register this new domain, just like every other website.

Pick a Hosting Provider

You can get hosting from anywhere you like or you feel is affordable for you. Remember that for each of your expired domain sites, you need to use a different hosting provider service to avoid any traces.

Create and Publish Content

Now, make good and unique content for your new site to make it look natural. Don’t use any spun content and keep variation in the length of the article.

In this way, you can generate several sites and link them to your money site to pass the authoritative juice to your main website.


Rules for building the network of Private Blogs:

We all are looking to build safe private blog networks. Nonetheless, we do not know the effective way to do our task easily. Here are some of the rules that you need to follow to build the network of private blogs.

  1. Use diverse registrars and different hosting:

It is always good to buy various domains from the diverse registrars. However, it is also important to register your website under various IP address. In case, if you’re having websites under the same domain, then you will be pushed out by Google.

  1. Use high-quality and unique content:

Content is important to any kind of websites. So, we need to post a content which is both unique and high-quality.

  1. Link your domain to the money websites:

It is important to link your domain to the money making website only once. External links are also quite important and it is best to have more than 2 outgoing links in your web page.

  1. Pages matter:

Pages of the website play a vital role. Make sure that the website contains various different pages which include about page, contact page, privacy policy, and so on.

These are some rules which you need to follow to build safe private blog networks.

Reasons for getting penalized by Google:

There are several reasons that your website will get penalized by Google. Here are few reasons which will clearly explain you the top 6 reasons for a penalty.

  1. Selling links in a public and private manner.
  2. Posting a low-quality content or posting spun content in your website.
  3. Hosting a wide range of domains under the same IP address.
  4. Having the similar registration information for various domains.
  5. Using the penalized domains.
  6. Not having links to some other useful websites.

These are some of the reasons that Google will penalize you.

Rent PBN Links:

Hiring an SEO Company is based on your budget. The most common thing you need to know in order to do SEO is links. Building links to our websites can be a daunting task. Building high-quality links to our website helps to increase the visibility in the search engines and also it helps to improve our brand.

Are you looking to know how many links needed to rank in the search engines like Google? How many PBN links are needed to rank? This is a common question that most online marketers are asking in these days. If we know the answer to this question, then our life will be much easier than ever.


Pros and Cons of Building Your Own PBN


  • If you want to gain control over the SEO for your site, PBN is the best way of achieving it. You can direct the anchor text to your money website to get a higher rank on search engines.
  • You can divert the authority of all expired domains to your main site with a greater proportion.
  • Depending on the quality and number of blogs on your network, these domains can help you move to the top 10 positions easily.


  • You will need to spend a good amount of money on your new expired links such as on purchasing blogs, hosting, and whois protection. Also, if you’re paying money for writing articles or getting other services, then you’ll be paying about $100 for just one domain.
  • Selecting the right expired domains, maintaining it once purchased, writing quality content, and every other step involved in this process require time. And if you’re doing it with ten different expired domains, you will need to spends days on it.
  • If you don’t make your expired domains look natural, your site can get de-indexed and you might get a manual penalty.


The most important factor in ranking higher in the Google search engine is updating your web page with fresh and new content. This is because Google always like to give priority to the websites having fresh and new content. But, no online marketer will know the meaning of the fresh content. But, it is best to post a new content at least once in a month. Keep in mind that the content you’re posting on your website will be unique and high-quality.

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